Friday, November 16, 2007

2008 中华文化知识竞赛和报名表

2008 中华文化知识竞赛和报名表
2008 中华文化知识竞赛“三常”知识竞赛复习试题
2006 知识竞赛试题样本

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for more detail.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2007年 NISSAN獎學金國、粵語演講暨徵文比賽

2007年 NISSAN獎學金國、粵語演講暨徵文比賽
演講比賽/頒獎時間:2007年12月2日星期日Time:1pm / 4pm (12:30pm報到)。
徵文、演講比賽頒獎地點:華僑相助會/1669 Flanigan Drive, San Jose, CA 95121。

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congratulations to Abacus students!

Congratulations to the following students who passed the 2007 National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics Test!

They won from Level(级) 10(十级), 8 (八级),7(七级), 6(六级),up to Dan 3(三段)!

Christopher Chen
Andrew Tan
Brian Qiu
Claire Wong
Serena Lu
Vivian Luong
Catherine Qiu
Melissa Wen
Emily Chan
Emily Luong
Melody Cao


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Dance Class on Thuesday at 3:30PM.

Starting from this Tuesday, we will be hosting dance classes at our school. Mr. My will be teaching ballroom dance for kids, hip hop, and creative dance. All dance students will be performing in school showcases in the community, such as the Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.

Monday, May 21, 2007

New Art Class on Wednesday Starting in June

Aborn school will offer a new art class in June .

We have happily invited a new art teacher, Mr. Tomasi, who will teach the elements of telling stories with pictures, cartooning, drawing, painting, storytelling, appreciating art master pieces and art history. The students will also learn to write, draw, paint, and self-publish their own comic books.
The new art class will take place on:
Beginning 3:30P.M.-4:30P.M. $15/class
Intermetiate 4:35P.M.-5:35P.M. $15/class

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Aborn School Schedule

Mental Arithmetic (Abacus 速心算) 4:00-5:00P.M. ; 5:00-6:00P.M.

The student should be able to recognize numbers from 0 to 100. Also, he/she needs to be able to read, write, and listen appropriately. The best age for learning is 5 and up. Parents may learn along with their children until he or she reaches level 7.
$15 per lesson. We have a couple of spaces left for both sessions. The Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Assessment Test of the United States will be held annually.


A) We offer two sessions of Art class 艺术:
5:00-6:00P.M. or 5:00-6:30P.M.

Students who have already registered, please come on time! Also, please bring the following materials:
a. Drawing Pad (14" x 11").
b. Oil Pastels (At least 24 colors).
c. Watercolor Pad (at least 9"x12")
d. Watercolors
B) Students in middle school/high school who are preparing for their AP Studio Art Portfolios should take a 2 hours course. The material list will be handed out in your first lesson.
C) If your kids is 8 years old or up and in our art class, they will start Tempera Paint (水粉画)in Feb. Please purchase the following material:
a. Drawing Heavyweight paper Pad (at least 14" x 11" or 35.5x27.9 cm ).
b. Tempera paint color (red, yellow, blue, white, and black)
c. Several brushes
$16 per lesson.

D) Chinese (Pinyin拼音) 中文

A) Chess lessons ( 国际象棋):
5:00~6:00 P.M.
We offer beginning, intermediate and advance classes.
Each lesson is $15.

B) Chinese (Pinyin拼音) 中文

Piano groups lessons ( 钢琴) begin at 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30P.M.
a. Every lesson is half an hour, and each lesson is $10. (Ages 3-4) For ages 5 and up, lessons will be one hour long at $20 per lesson. For group lessons, students must have a piano or keyboard at home for practice.
b. Music theory
c. Instructing for Certificate of Merit. Individual classes are available too. However, the parent has to make an appointment.

Chinese (Pinyin拼音) 中文

A) Olympic Mathematic(数学奥林匹克)

B) Chinese (Pinyin拼音) 中文

2007 Summer AP/SAT Chinese( Start at June 19):
Tuesday and Thursday:

10:00- 11:50 A.M.

Chinese 中文
English 英文
Mathematic 数学
Olympic Mathematic 数学奥林匹克
Physics 物理
Chemistry 化学
Above classes are available for different levels.
Each lesson is $12~$28.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Free Chess seminar on August 15, 2006

Chess lessons ( 国际象棋) on Tuesday (5:00~6:15)
Instructor: Mr. Atanassov was the Cross Table for BURLINGAME SUMMER RR AND SWISS (2004) champion (冠军).
Each lesson is $15.

A free Chess seminar will start at 4:00 P.M. on Feb 14, 2007 (Wednesday). If you are interested, please register by calling at (408)-238-6866 or replying to The first 10 students who register for chess class will each receive a free "Buddy Board - The Teaching Chess Rules Companion."