Monday, July 28, 2008

Abacus Certification and Trophies Have Arrived from Taiwan

Congratulations to all the abacus students who participated in the international annual abacus assessment!

Every student who took the test at our school passed.

A) I'm really proud of our Abacus students who receive certificates for their progress:
Athena: Level 11 (100%, pass)
Justin: Level 10 (100%, pass)
Alicia: Level 10 (100%, pass)
Felita: Level 10 (100%, pass)
Andrew: Level 8 (100%, pass)
Brian: Level 8 (100%, pass)
Kevin: Level 8 (100%, pass)
Serena: Level 7 (100%, pass)
B)These students won trophies in addition to their certificates:
Melissa: Level 6 (100%, pass)
Lucy: Level 6 (100%, pass)

Catherine: Level 5 (pass)

Melody: Duan (段) 5 (pass)

Almost everyone has picked up their awards. If you have not, please do so as soon as possible.

Congratulations again to all the students! Enjoy your shiny awards!

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