Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 Fall Chinese PinYin Class

Thursday 4:30-6:00P.M.Starts on August 7, 2008
Requirements:Students should:
· Have studied Chinese for more than 2 years;
· Be in 3rd Grade or higher in regular English school;
· Be capable of listening, reading, writing, and speaking Chinese;
· Have learned at least 300 Chinese characters
· Be able to use the keyboard properly;
· Have a Computer with IME (Microsoft Input Method Editor) and Microphone.
a o e
i u ü
b p
m f
ai ei ui
ao ei ui
ao ou iu
d t
n l
g k h
j q x
z c s
zh ch sh r
y w
ie üe er
an en in
un ün
ang eng ing ong





Review PinYin System 汉语拼音系统总复习在IME 环境下输入中文词、句子和短文Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) Installation Guide for AP Chinese Internet-based Test (IBT) Delivery

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